Dental Info

Here is general dental information, such as OSHA requirements, info on diseases, disinfection/sterilization, stick injuries, risk management and other dental topics.  Just click on the section you want, and select the information you want to download or print.  Super Easy!

Postexposure Prophylaxis (PEP) Hot-line:

Not sure if you need followup after a stick injury?

Trained medical professionals are on call 7 days a week to discuss procedures and the need for PEP after a needle stick: (888) 448-4911 or click here.

OSHA Compliance, Checklists & Info

Check out this topic for info on dental infection control, OSHA requirements, Hazard Communication Plan, and inspection information.

Stick Injuries & Sharps Info

Here's information on stick injuries, post exposure prophylaxis, sharps evaluations, and needle safety plans.

Disinfection, sterilization and SDS/MSDS info

Check out this info on disinfectants, processing instruments, waterlines, cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of instruments and surfaces, and info on SDS/MSDS forms.

HIPAA Info/Forms/Checklists

Info on authorizations, risk assessments, breaches, business associate agreements, manuals and training and documentation.

HIPAA Security Info

Here is info on computer security, firewalls, encryption, breaches, email, and device security.

Risk Management and Office Safety

Here's information about emergency plans, office emergencies, emergency kits, dental records, and tamper resistant prescription pads.

Xray and Radiation Safety

Here's info about radiation exposure in dentistry, x-ray badges, radiation safety guidelines, and info on frequency of patient xrays.

Disease, Health and Infection Control Info

Check out info on diseases such as HIV/HBV/HCV, HPV and oral cancer, TB, staff vaccination, and other viruses and bacteria we are exposed to in dentistry.

Respiratory Diseases and Protection

Here's information about respiratory illness, respiratory protection, masks vs respirators, etc.

Dental Products and Services

Here are companies and services that we have been found to be useful, reliable and reasonably priced. Please note I do NOT endorse any products, I don't get kickbacks, etc. but I try to share info on stuff I find helpful!

Dental Reference Websites

Here are links to OSHA's dental topics, CDC infection control in dental settings, NIOSH workplace safety in dentistry, the ADA, the CDC, and the Hepatitis hotline.

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