• Here’s a list of surface disinfectants from OSAP, the dental infection control experts (Although the info is several years old and may not include all of the disinfectants that we use, most is still current.  Always research any disinfectants you choose to use.):


  • Gordon Christensen, the dental products expert, evaluated several disinfectants for effectiveness: (click here)


  • For a list of EPA approved disinfectants that kill TB, HIV and HBV,  directly from the EPA, click here


  • Here are instructions and information on how to clean and process your instruments, directly from OSAP, the infection control experts for dentistry:



  • Here’s a great article about how to process instruments as safely as possible.


  • Here’s an article about the nastiness found in water linesclick here


  • Not sure about your waterlines?  Here are some test kits that are less than $8 /each and offer a simple test for bacterial growth (it is one of the tests that are mentioned in the ADA statement below):   Order the Sampler kit, item number MHPC10025, and it’s $197 for 25 test kits.


  • Here are some great articles about cost effective and easy methods of treating your waterlines, (please note that Listerine has also been found effective when used in the same manner as the Scope and peroxide mixtures described in these articles), view or print articles using Adobe Reader.



  • The bib chain may be a source of cross contamination, so it’s important to disinfect or sterilize it.  Here’s WAY too much information you might find helpful: osha bib chain contamination


  • For information on how to test your ultrasonic cleaner to make sure it’s functioning properly, check out this article from Dental Economics: (Ultrasonic testing article dent econ)


  • MSDS/SDS forms:  (We have to replace any existing MSDS forms with  SDS forms. Many times, dental supply companies have SDS forms on their website that you can print out, as needed.  If not, you can google the name of the chemical to find an SDS form.)


  • You are allowed to have an electronic SDS notebook.  Just make sure you have a printed copy of your chemical inventory and a backup of your notebook.  Also, make sure everyone in the office knows how to access the information, if necessary.

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