Ethics and Professionalism in Dentistry


Ethics/Professionalism in dentistry is required in a lot of states.  This class satisfies the requirements for most states, including Georgia and Alabama, so check it out!


“Ethics and Professionalism in Dentistry” discusses the roles of ethics and professionalism in our dental practices.  We will discuss topics such as ethical principles, ethical dilemmas and decision-making, sexual misconduct, billing practices, treatment practices, liability, and risk management, advertising/marketing, and the role that ethics and professionalism play in our practices every day.  This class is based on the ADA Code of Professional Conduct, the ADHA Code of Professional Conduct, and the  American College of Dentists Code of Conduct.

It also satisfies the specific requirements of the Georgia Board for docs and hygienists, as well as other states, such as Alabama, who require general ethics/professionalism courses based upon the ADA Code, etc.  Email us to confirm if you’re not sure if it will satisfy your state’s requirement.

This class offers two hours of continuing education credit, including AGD credit upon request.