Handouts and Forms

Please note that all of these sample forms are a great starting point for you, but they’re pretty generic.  You can  configure these so that they work for your office and offer you the most protection.  If you have questions, please consult your own lawyer to make sure you are protected as much as possible.  

Important thing to remember:  I’m a lawyer by training, but I’m not a real lawyer, and I’m certainly not your lawyer, so remember that nothing you get on this website is legal advice.  So, call your real lawyer if you have questions or you’re not sure about something.


Here are miscellaneous forms, consent forms, and fact sheets for your office.

OSHA Forms

Here are various checklists, employee forms, sharps evaluations, etc.

Required Plans

Here are required plans for the dental office (exposure control, hazard communication, respiratory protection, etc.)


Here are miscellaneous HIPAA forms you can configure for your office.

Sample Letters

Here are sample dismissal letters, insurance letters, etc.

Poster Information

Here's information about required posters for your office.

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