Required Posters

  • You never have to pay for posters in your office.  Call the US Department of Labor (1-888-9SB-REFA) or go to the Department of Labor Poster Page and fill out the questionnaire to see which posters you need to print and post. (Yeah, they’re ugly, but you’re just going to stick them behind the door in the staff lounge anyway, so who cares?


  • For state posters, call your state department of labor and worker’s compensation board and they’ll send them to you at no charge.  Or, go to Google and type in “(your state name) required employee posters”.  When the Google results come up, look for the state website, not a website that sells posters (it will generally have “.gov” or “.us” as part of the website address, such as ““).



  • In Georgia:  go here to view and print Ga. Department of Labor posters.

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