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Here you will find proven dental products and services that we have used and found to be reliable and reasonably priced. Please note that I am not endorsing any listed companies, nor do I own them or get kickbacks, but they are good places to start if you’re comparing prices and trying to find specific information.

  • Postexposure Prophylaxis (PEP) Hotline (doctors on call 7 days a week to discuss the need for PEP after a needle stick):  (888) 448-4911 or click here for web site.  For help determining whether PEP is needed, check this out.


  • For new OSHA and HIPAA manuals, contact the ADA Store website or call (800) 947-4746 (make sure you provide your ADA number; the prices listed are much higher for non-members.)


    • For OSHA, you can get just the OSHA manual,#S69622BT ($229.95).  Or you can get the  OSHA training manual #P88922BT ($129.95).   Or you can get both for $329.95 (Item # K01122BT


    • HIPAA compliance kit has the privacy and security information in one manual, with digital forms. Item # J594BT ($274.95) If you also want a training guide with videos, the item # is J596BT ($134.95).  If you want both, the item number isJ598BT and the price for members is $335.95. They also have a package that includes the OSHA and HIPAA manuals and all the stuff listed above for $599.95 (Item # K017BT)


  • For a great lawyer in Georgia (and a nice guy) who deals with dentists and our issues, call Stuart ObermanOberman Law


  • For Biomedical Waste disposal, be VERY careful before signing up with Stericycle.  Read any contracts and proposals very carefully; you don’t want to unintentionally get locked into a contract that will signficantly increase fees unexpectedly.  Also, FYI, stericycle has changed THEIR policies about what items can go in sharps containers, NOT the federal regulations.  There is NO new federal regulation at this time that states that empty carpules cannot go in sharps containers…that is all Stericycle. Please note that most states allow for empty anesthetic carpules to be disposed of in the regular trash.  (Specifically, lidocaine with epi is exempted from P-list specific disposal requirements).


  • In Georgia, for sharps disposal, chemical and metal recycling, and just about anything else having to do with waste in Georgia, call MCF Environmental Services, Inc. Phone: 770-593-9434 They will give you a box for your sharps containers and will pick them upon demand, with only 2 pickups per year required (you can have more if you need them).  Ask for Kevin at extension 5642, tell him Laney Kay sent you, and get $5 off the regular pickup fee.


  • For immediate relief from cold sores for you or your patients, check out Viroxyn.  Here’s a study that shows how well it works, and you can now get it on amazon. Your patients will love you for the recommendation!


  • For a surface disinfectant that’s environmentally friendly AND is strong enough to kill TB in less than a minute, check out BioSurf! Either click here or call for information: (877) 777-3303, or ask your dental supply rep.


  • For products related to waterline testing and maintenance, take a look at this publication by the ADA.   The cheapest testing kit I could find was the HPC Total Count Sampler in-office testing kits from Millipore.  They run about $8 per test, so check it out!


  • To find a location for postexposure HIV/HBV/HCV testing, try this web site.  Many local health departments now offer rapid HIV testing, so consider them, as well.


  • For an air cleaning system that kills pathogens and removes harmful chemicals from the air we breathe, check out the Airocide.  I don’t get paid for any endorsements, but we use this in our office and I love it. If you tell them Laney sent you, you can get a discount.  For info, call KesAir Technologies and ask for  Dave Heffner at 678-938-4110 or  [email protected].


  • MSDS/SDS forms:  If you’re missing some forms, google the name of the chemical and the manufacturer and find it on the internet.  Dental supply companies have all of the available SDS forms for products they carry on their websites, so you can just print them out.


  • You never have to pay for posters in your office.  Call the US Department of Labor (1-888-9SB-REFA) or go to the Department of Labor Poster Page and fill out the questionnaire to see which posters you need to print and post. (Yeah, they’re ugly, but you’re just going to stick them behind the door in the staff lounge anyway, so who cares?


  • For state posters, call your state department of labor and worker’s compensation board and they’ll send them to you at no charge.  Or, go to Google and type in “(your state name) required employee posters”.  When the Google results come up, look for the state website, not a website that sells posters (it will generally have “.gov” or “.us” as part of the website address, such as ““).



  • In Georgia:  go here to view and print Ga. DOL posters.

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