Stick Injuries and Sharps Info

  • If someone in your office is stuck, DO NOT CALL ME!!! I often can’t be reached within 24 hours and you need to react quickly.  If you have any questions about stick injuries, call the Postexposure Prophylaxis (PEP) Hot-line. (doctors on call 7 days a week to discuss the need for PEP after a needle stick): (888) 448-4911 or click here for web site.


  • Here are the Steps after a Stick. Put this on the fridge in the lounge so you’ll have it handy if someone gets stuck.  Also, here is more info explaining what needs to be done  after a stick with possible HIV exposure and why. 


  • Here’s an interesting article about stick injuries in hospital-based dentistry (where needlesticks may be more common than in regular dental practices because of the use of IV needles and different types of procedures); the article reiterates the importance of making all procedures as safe as possible. Click here for article


  • Here is a great checklist from OSAP about what to do after a stick: click here


  • In the event of a stick injury , fill out this exposure report form and give it to the doctor when you and the source patient go for testing.


  • Info about different types of HIV tests and how they workclick here 




  • Here is a sample OSHA needle safety plan to help you design a plan for your office, including a completed evaluation of a safety syringe that you can print out, if you need one.  It’s in a “Word” format so you can change it however you want.

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