Guidelines in Dentistry

  • For CDC’s 2003 Infection Control guidelines for Dentistry Click here
  • For a copy of OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens Standardclick here
  • OSHA requires annual training for all who are possibly exposed to potentially infectious materials as part of their job duties. The annual training must be taught by a knowledgeable instructor, must be interactive, and must include all of the topics listed.  For topics that must be covered during trainingclick here.
  • For a copy of the CDC’s 2016 Infection Control Guidelines Summary (summarizes and clarifies some of the 2003 standard), click here
  • For a copy of OSHA’s Needlestick Safety and Prevention Actclick here
  • The Hazard Communication Standard requires training and you must maintain an SDS notebook (paper or electronic) for all the chemicals you use in your office.   Here’s the link for the Hazard Communication Standardclick here
  • For Hazard Communication Training, click here.
  • For quick and basic information about new SDS forms, new symbols/pictograms, and new labels, go to this page.
  • Here’s a current Hazard Communication Plan you can fill out and place in your notebook.  It’s in WORD so you can change it as needed for your office.   Also print out the following publication and place it with the Hazard Communication Plan(a great summary from OSHA on the  pictograms/labels/SDS requirements): click here
  • It’s important to do our part to minimize the amount of mercury released into the environment.  Here are the “Best Management Practices for Amalgam Waste” from the ADA:  click here
  • We’re supposed to have a copy of this standard in our OSHA notebook that basically says that employees have access to exposure records and medical records.  Whatever.  So, print it out and put in your OSHA notebook: click here
  • For information on COVID related guidelines and respiratory protection, click here to go to the respiratory protection page.

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