Opioids in Dentistry (8 HR)

“Opioids in Dentistry” 

Cost: $110 per person for 8 hours of CE (If you have already taken MY opioid class, the cost is only $75 per person, so select that option).  

(Please note that I have paired up with an ADA-CERP provider so this class can be used to satisfy the DEA’s 8 hour MATE requirement when renewing your DEA license starting June 27, 2023.)


This class is a two part class:

Part 1: “Dentistry and the Opioid Epidemic” (3 hours) discusses the impact of opioid abuse, how to minimize the use of opioids in dentistry, information on prescribing opioids, and the use of opioids in dental practice.  (This is my original opioid class and has been updated to include the updated opioid guidelines.)

Part 2: “The Reality of the Opioid Epidemic for Dentistry” (5 hours) deals with the opioid epidemic itself. It discussed the following topics: the role of pharmaceutical companies, doctors, policy and politicians in the formation of the epidemic; the addictive qualities of opioids, and how the epidemic moved from legal prescription pills to heroin and other illegal drugs; the role of dentists and medical doctors in addiction; alternates to opioids for pain control; the relationship between anxiety and societal issues to the spread of the epidemic; and an actual plan with actions that can be taken to fight the epidemic

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