COVID-19 and Social Media: Science vs. Fiction

COVID-19 and Social Media:  Science vs. Fiction
FREE!!! (2 hour credit)

  • This class discusses the information that exists on social medica about the COVID vaccine. It lists the claims that are made on social media, and I researched it to find where the information came from, and what the science says about each claim.  The goal of this class is to make sure that you can make an informed decision based on facts and science, not just the stuff that’s on social media.
  • WARNING:  It’s pro-vaccine and exposes the misinformation that is all over social media, so if it’s going to make you lose your mind, please do NOT watch the video and, more importantly, keep any nasty comments to yourself.
  • I can give you two hours of CE credit and it is considered scientific/clinical hours.



We are all supposed to be aware of changes in OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard.
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