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Let's get real. I realize that I teach the world's most BORING topics. Seriously...OSHA, HIPAA, Ethics?! Kill me now...

However, dental training doesn't have to be horrible. I take hard, boring subjects and make them easy, fun, and fast. My goal is for everyone who takes one of our classes to say, "Wow. That sucked MUCH less than I thought it would."

Check out the pictures…I’ve been doing this a long time!

I’ve been a dental speaker since 1989 and have spoken all over the US and Canada, at just about every big meeting, and in almost every state.  My company’s name is Entertaining Training, LLC, I’m married to a dentist for 35 years, I have a law degree and a Master of Public Health degree.

I love my dental peeps, I’m a huge Georgia Bulldogs fan, I have three dogs, I write trashy romance novels, and I’m a Taurus.  Go Dawgs!

Dental training expert from age 4

Oh yeah, I can totally give CE credit...

Entertaining Training, LLC/HPA is an approved PACE Program Provider and can provide FAGD/MAGD continuing education credit from 1/1/2021-12/31/2024. Please note that approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement)


(From Laney Kay, President, Entertaining Training, LLC).  

Sorry, but this stupidly long disclaimer is necessary because a grown person pitched an absolute hissy fit.

My job is to present general information in a way that is understandable and at least somewhat entertaining. Sorry if you don’t find me funny…FYI: you’re totally missing out…my husband and best friends think I’m hilarious.

These programs are intended to fulfill the annual training requirements of: OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, state and federal infection control training requirements and recommendations, information about domestic violence, risk management issues, and other topics that various states and federal agencies find important, and you will receive continuing education credit.

Please note:  these programs are intended only to offer general guidance regarding risk management, bloodborne pathogens, respiratory pathogens, OSHA regulations, disease information, COVID-19 related information, HIPAA regulations, hazard communication, other state and federal regulations, and any other topics I teach.  No one, including me, can “OSHA-proof” or “HIPAA-proof” an office and nothing said in this program will reduce your likelihood of an OSHA or HIPAA inspection, or any other state or federal agency inspection, nor will it prevent you from getting fined, nor will it reduce the amount of the fine in the event of an inspection.

As far as the opioid classes go, I am NOT a doctor. Information in this program on prescribing opioids to patients is intended to offer general information on opioids and their use in dentistry, and all prescribing information is compiled from various guidelines and clinical studies intended for use by dentists to help determine the need for opioids and the dosages for patient use. You must use your own professional judgment and knowledge to determine which drugs, and the correct dosages of any and all drugs, that you prescribe for your individual patients.

In every class I teach, the classes are intended to offer general guidance on each topic, and any suggestions offered by me are only my opinion and should not be construed as advice, legal or otherwise. Any specific questions, circumstances, or situations you are concerned about in your particular office should be addressed by your own attorney. Nothing I say is intended to establish a standard of care or industry custom.

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