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Here are Laney’s current OSHA and HIPAA Update classes.  These classes satisfy the annual OSHA training requirement, provide a HIPAA update, and give new disease and infection control information.  There are also some fabulous checklists and documents to help you get into compliance!

The classes all provide CE credit that is approved through the PACE program of the AGD.

If you’re not sure which options are best for you, OR if you would like to check out additional discounts for larger groups, email me with any questions: laney@laneykay.com 

HIPPA UpdateTwo

OSHA/HIPAA and COVID-19 classes for 2021

Here’s how it works.  This year you have options… you can order the flash drive and I’ll mail it to you, or I can send links from Dropbox for you to view on your computer, whichever you prefer.  

Then, I’ll email you the handouts and instructions for the class.  Once you’re done, you’ll email me the names of the attendees and I’ll send the certificates.  Easy Peasy!

(If you have 12 or more people, order the group rate, below, because it’s cheaper.  Just check with me to see which option to choose:  laney@laneykay.com

If you need LIVE CE classes, choose the LIVE/LINKS option.  I will immediately send you the links for the class, plus information about how you can receive LIVE CE credit.

Here’s what’s new for the 2021 courses.  I’m sorry that these are longer than usual, but there have been so many changes this past year, I had a lot to cover.  The good news…it’s lots of CE credit!  The OSHA/Respiratory Protection and HIPAA classes offer 4.5 hours of CE credit, and the COVID-19 class offers 2 hours of CE credit.

Fortunately, they’re still more fun than other OSHA/HIPAA classes, so spread it out a little and they’re easy to take and NOT HORRIBLE!!!

(Actual video times: OSHA-1 hour 55 minutes, Respiratory Protection-30 minutes, HIPAA 1 hour 26 minutes, and the COVID class 1 hour 30 minutesThe rest of the time is discussing plans/risk assessments for your office and filling out forms, handouts, and documentation.)

For those who order the class, I’ve included a written Hazard Communication Training Plan that provides basic training for new employees, or for employees that may have missed that training in the past.  There are also several other plans that can be configured for your office: an updated written TB plan; an emergency plan; and a written needle safety plan.  There is an updated HIPAA risk assessment, an updated OSHA checklist, plus other forms y’all may find useful...

Sign up HERE for the OSHA/HIPAA class!

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Choose Your Group Rate Payment

Also, if you have more than 12 people, large group rates are available for further discounts.
You may pay for larger groups here, but you should Email
laney@laneykay.com for your specific group price!



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We are all supposed to be aware of changes in OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard.
Download The Article With The Changes
Here is a form to sign and put in your notebook to document the OSHA training.
A Form For Your Notebook