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Let’s be honest.  We all know I have the worst, most boring topics on Earth, but my classes are easy, fun and fast…mainly because I know the subjects are super boring!  Here’s my goal:  I want every person who takes my class to say, “Wow. That sucks MUCH less than I thought it would!”  I am an approved PACE Program Provider through the Academy of General Dentistry, so I can offer CE credit in any state that accepts it (which is every state I’ve ever heard of)!  I will report all credit to CE Broker and/or the AGD upon request.

Current Classes:

Blood, Spit & Fears:  A Painless OSHA/HIPAA Update   Click Here to Sign Up!
($62 per person up to 12 people  12-35 people $750; 50-75 people $1250) 4 hours of credit

    • This all new for 2022 class satisfies the annual OSHA training requirement, provides a HIPAA update, discusses respiratory and bloodborne pathogens, and gives new disease and infection control information, plus a ton of forms, checklists, risk assessments, and written plans to help get your office into compliance.

Dentistry and the Opioid Epidemic   Click Here to Sign Up
$45 per person (2 hour credit); $45/person (3 hour credit option)

    • “Dentistry and the Opioid Epidemic” discusses the impact of opioid abuse, how to minimize the use of opioids in dentistry, information on prescribing opioids, and the use of opioids in dental practice.
    • This class offers either two hours or three hours of continuing education credit

Domestic Violence for Dental Professionals    Click Here to Sign Up
$45 per person (2 hour credit)

    • This class discusses prevalence of domestic violence, recognizing injuries related to domestic violence, patient communication, privacy concerns, and reporting requirements. (There is a version specifically for Florida that satisfies the domestic violence class requirements).
    • I can give you two hours of CE credit and is considered scientific/clinical hours. The video itself is one hour, and I can give 3 total hours of credit once you factor in the written materials. Give it a shot…it’s painless, it’s quick, and it’s easy!

Medical/Dental Error and Omissions   Click Here to Sign Up
$45 per person (2 hour)

    • This course provides dental health care professionals with information on adverse events, sentinel events, types of medical/dental errors, and discusses how Root Cause Analysis can help identify issues and prevent future errors.  It also discusses methods of recognizing and reducing liability and effective documentation methods.
    • Most importantly, it’s easy, fast, and won’t make you want to put your eye out with a fork! (This satisfies the errors/omissions class requirements for Florida.)

COVID-19 and Social Media:  Science vs. Fiction    Click Here to Sign Up
FREE! (2 hour credit for a penny!)

    • This class discusses the information that exists on social medica about the COVID vaccine. It lists the claims that are made on social media, and I researched it to find where the information came from, and what the science says about each claim.  The goal of this class is to make sure that you can make an informed decision based on facts and science, not just the stuff that’s on social media.
    • WARNING:  It’s pro-vaccine and exposes the misinformation that is all over social media, so if it’s going to make you lose your mind, please do NOT watch the video and, more importantly, keep any nasty comments to yourself.
    • I can give you two hours of CE credit and it is considered scientific/clinical hours.

Coming soon:

How Vaccines and Natural Immunity Work to Keep Us Safe
$30 per person (2 hour credit)

    • Join us for a class that explains immunology, virology, and vaccinology in a way that’s easy to understand and actually interesting.
    • If you’ve found all the information from the past eighteen months to be confusing, give this class a try…I promise you’ll leave understanding everything a whole lot better and feel more comfortable making decisions about you and your family’s health!


Entertaining Training, LLC/HPA is an approved PACE Program Provider and can provide FAGD/MAGD continuing education credit from 1/1/2021-12/31/2024.  Please note that approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement)

Attendee:  Please fill out and keep for your records AGD Members: Please notify Laney Kay if you would like her to submit attendance verification to the AGD on your behalf.  Please allow at least 30 days for documentation of participation to be added to your transcript.