Blood, Spit & Fears

Here are Laney’s 2023 OSHA and HIPAA Update classes

    • This all-new for 2023 class satisfies the annual OSHA training requirement, provides a HIPAA update, discusses respiratory and bloodborne pathogens, and gives new disease and infection control information, plus a ton of forms, checklists, risk assessments, and written plans to help get your office into compliance.
    • The good news…this year’s class is 4 hours of CE credit! (Actual video times: OSHA-1 hr 45 minutes, HIPAA 1 hour. The rest of the time is spent with your office discussing plans/risk assessments for your office and filling out forms, handouts, plans, and documentation.)
    • You have options. The quickest option with the least amount of hassle is ordering the links. You simply click on the link you want to see and watch it on YouTube. That’s it. If you want to download it to your computer, I can send you Dropbox links. I am also offering LIVE CE hours on the following dates in 2023: April 28th, June 16th, September 22nd, and October 20th. If you need live CE hours, sign up for the class here, and the registration info for the ZOOM webinar will be available in your confirmation email.
    • Select the class you want below, and click on “Click Here to Sign Up!” Sign up the number of attendees and it will take you to Paypal so you can pay. Paypal will send me a notification as soon as they receive the payment, and as soon as I receive it, I will send you an email that has the YouTube links to the class, plus any written materials. Easy as Pie!
    • Once you’re done, you’ll email me the names of the attendees and I’ll send the certificates. Easy Peasy!
      • Please note: If you have more than 12 people, (all the way up to 40 people), sign up for 12 people and the rest are included!! Woo Hoo! For 41 or more people, please email me for pricing information at )

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