Laney Kay
Founder, Entertaining Training, LLC

Laney Kay, JD, MPH has been speaking and writing about technical and regulatory topics in dentistry since 1989.

Rita Perez

Rita Perez is a nationally known dental consultant and speaker who has been in dentistry since 1974.


Official Disclaimer

From Laney Kay, President, Entertaining Training, LLC.
(Necessary because someone pitched an absolute hissy fit):

This web site is intended only to offer general guidance regarding bloodborne pathogens, OSHA regulations, HIPAA regulations, hazard communication and other topics relevant to dentistry.  Any suggestions offered by me are only my opinion and should not be construed as advice, legal or otherwise. Any specific questions, circumstances, or situations you are concerned about in your particular office should be addressed by your own attorney. Nothing I say is intended to establish a standard of care or industry custom. No one, including me, can “OSHA-proof” an office, or “HIPAA-proof” an office, and nothing said on this web site or in my speaking programs will reduce your likelihood of an OSHA inspection, nor will it prevent you from getting fined, nor will it reduce the amount of the fine in the event of an inspection, nor will it prevent you from being fined or sued due to a violation of a HIPAA rule or any other governmental regulation.